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Mental Health

Dr. Comia’s approach to mental health is multifaceted:
  1. The gut influences the brain directly by the millions of afferent nerves in the lining of the gut. According to Dr. Michael Gershon the gut is “the second brain” . He established the gut brain connection and immortalized the proverb, “you are what you eat”.

  2. Brain healthy diet is gluten-free, dairy-free, no preservatives, no additives, no food coloring, no artificial sweeteners, no monosodium glutamate ( MSG), no fructose corn syrup. In short, eating fresh food ” from scratch” is the way to go. In particular, a diet rich in protein, vegetables and good fats (paleo diet) is ideal for mental health.

  3. Keeping the neurotransmitters ( the protein substances in your brain that make you happy, sad, or anxious) in balance is the key to mental health. Neurotransmitters can be tested and can be replenished if low and can be diminished if too high. Some neurotransmitters are calming , like Taurine and GABA; some are neuroexcitatory, like epinephrine, norepinephrine, dopamine and glutamate.

  4. Certain enzymes (like MTHFR and COMT ) when deficient or dysfunctional can lead to undermethylation which can therefore cause inactivation of neurotransmitters. This results in mood instability. Correcting or bypassing enzyme dysfunctions or problems are therefore treatment goals. Methyl B12 injections for example, can bypass MTHFR mutations.

  5. Many toxicants are offensive to the brain and the nervous system. Some are hormone disruptors, some can directly cause inhibition or stimulation of neurotransmitters. Identifying, avoiding and removing them ( i.e. metabolic detoxification) can definitely improve energy, brain fog, sleep, poor memory, confusion, and mood instability.

  6. Lastly, our healing cold laser therapy (XLR8) has anxiety, depression and brain protocols that can improve mood and brain function within a few minutes.

A holistic approach to restoring mood stability and healthy brain function is definitely the best way to provide mental health.

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