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Holistic Medicine
Vitamin and Supplement Shoppe

The Vitamin & Supplement Shoppe at Advance Biomedical Treatment Center offers a highly selective assortment of innovative, high-quality vitamins and supplements. Most of our supplements are gluten-free, casein-free, and preservative-free. Our commitment is to stock only products of high standard for each supplement type; we are not loyal to any specific brand or supplier. Our vitamins and supplements are marked at competitive prices.

Supplement and Vitamin Brands We Carry

  • Biotics Research

  • BodyBio

  • Essential Nutraceuticals

  • Kirkman

  • Klaire

  • Master Supplements

  • Metagenics Products

  • Microbiome Labs

  • Neuroscience

  • Niche Pharmaceuticals

  • Nordic Natural

  • NuMedica

  • Nutraceutical Solutions, Inc.

  • Orthomolecular Products

  • Princeton Nutrients

  • Prothera

  • Pure Encapsulations

  • ResultsRNA

  • Select Nutrition

  • Vital Nutrients

  • Xymogen

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