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Autism Treatment

Recent government data indicates that 2% of children in the United States are living with autism. Dr. Eileen Comia, a board-certified physician who also specializes in integrative therapies at Advance Biomedical Treatment Center, in Bloomfield, Connecticut, knows firsthand what it means to have a child afflicted with autism. Based on her extensive research and medical expertise, Dr. Comia takes a holistic, natural approach to autism treatment with biomedical intervention. Learn more about this comprehensive method for treating the many symptoms of autism by calling the office or scheduling an appointment online for your child.

What is Biomedical Intervention for Autism?

Biomedical intervention as an autism treatment is a whole systems philosophy to treating the many different conditions of autism. As Dr. Comia realized through extensive autism research, autism spectrum disorder is not a disease, but rather a myriad of symptoms that include three basic problems in the areas of:

  • Speech/language

  • Socialization

  • Behavior

Many children on the autism spectrum also have health impairments in their gut function as well as brain, immune, and endocrine systems. Additionally, children with autism often have problems such as:

  • Sleep disorders

  • Food and environmental allergies

  • Sensory disintegration

  • Frequent infections

  • Insufficient fine and gross motor skills

  • Learning disabilities

  • Intellectual deficiencies

Biomedical intervention addresses all of these health and developmental issues so they can be treated and improved systemically.

How Does Biomedical Intervention Work?

First, Dr. Comia begins by testing your child for nutritional imbalances and deficiencies, problems with intestinal flora, heavy metal toxicity, and other detoxification problems. Once she has the results from these tests, she creates an individualized treatment plan to address and correct these health conditions. Autism treatment may begin with improving your child’s diet, replacing missing nutrients, and improving gut function.

Additionally, Dr. Comia may prescribe supplements and treatments that help rid the body of heavy metals so your child can more easily rid their system of toxins on a regular basis.

What Types of Biomedical Interventions are Available?

After an extensive review of medical history from pre-natal to current, symptom severity, environmental exposures, blood /hair and urine tests for functional deficiencies or problems, Dr. Comia recommends the following options based on scientific research:

  • Dietary changes

  • Replacement of vitamin and nutrient deficiencies

  • MethylB12 injections

  • Anti-fungal treatment and gut dysbiosis treatment

  • Neurotransmitter manipulation

  • Detoxification and chelation therapy

  • Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment

  • IV nutrient therapy including IV Vit C, IV glutathione

  • Cold laser therapy for autism

Although autism treatment can take months or even years to optimize each of your child’s systems, you may see almost immediate behavior improvements with biomedical intervention therapies. As a physician and parent of a child with autism, Dr. Comia urges families to seek help for their children as soon as possible so you can help them reach their full potential.

Call Advance Biomedical Treatment Center or schedule a comprehensive autism treatment consultation using the online system today to learn more.

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