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Club Memberships

Aging maybe inevitable, but signs of aging are avoidable and treatable. Whether you desire to lose inches or wrinkles, we’ve got the smartest plans for you. Choose from our variety of 6-month or 12-month treatment plans.

Club members also enjoy various benefits and multiple discounts for other treatments as noted below. These plans are at bargain prices, too good to last. Body and facial rejuvenation had never been so affordable and convenient.


Individual Treatments:


6-Month Plan:

24 Treatments, 1 Treatment/week, $399/month


6-Month Plan:

12 Treatments total, $499/month

12-Month Plan:

24 Treatments total, $399/month

12-Month Plan:

12 Treatments total, $399/month

LaseMD Melasma

6-Month Plan:

6 Treatments total, $399/month

LaseMD Keralase


12-Month Plan:

12 Treatments total, $299/month

Personal Fitness Trainer at a discounted price (per request)


All plans comes with the following perks:

Free Consultation

Free Nutritional Plan

5% off additional treatments


You may add any of these services to your plan. The fees below reflect the price you would pay in addition to your chosen membership.

  • Monthly Supply of Slimming Protein Shake + Supplement

  • Intravenous (IV) Therapy

    • Glutathione (Skin Brightening & Detoxifying) 

    • Vitamin C 

    • Myer's (Multi-Nutrient) Cocktail 

    • SuperImmuno 

    • Acute Viral 

    • Migraines 

    • Asthma (Breathe Better)

    • Chelation (Detoxifying Metals) 




5% off/treatment







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