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LaseMD Ultra Skin Clarifier

LaseMD Ultra is a gentle but effective non-ablative laser that targets the water molecules in the skin, allowing for selective destruction of pigments and thermal stimulation of the dermis.  Collagen and elastin production is thereby energized,  rejuvenating the skin and restoring the youthful glow. It is a comfortable procedure that is quick and effective with minimal downtime.

How does it work?

Creates micro-channels of tissue in the epidermis and upper dermis of the scalp allowing for increased absorption of rejuvenating serums and growth hormones.

Heats up the dermis and stimulates collagen and elastin production thereby reducing fine lines and wrinkles, smoothening the skin and resurfacing younger looking skin.

Selectively targets and eliminates melanin reducing pigmentation of the skin. 

Micro-channels are created without disruption of the top layer of the skin resulting in minimal downtime. 

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  • Resurfaces skin

  • Reduces fine lines

  • Brightens and clarifies skin 

  • Smoothens skin texture

  • Reduces skin pores

  • Reduces pigmentation

  • Reduces age spots, sun spots and freckles

  • Treats mild acne

  • Treats mild to moderate sun damage

  • FDA Approved to treat Actinic Keratosis

  • Safe, quick, comfortable and effective for ALL skin types

  • treats Melasma, a stubborn and deep kind of skin pigmentation that ordinarily doesn’t respond to any treatment except LaseMD Ultra

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the treatment feel?

You will feel some heat and tingling as the laser is passed over the skin but the discomfort is very minimal. Depending on the depth of treatment, a numbing cream may be applied prior to the procedure to maximize your comfort. 

How long does the treatment take?

A mild treatment takes as little as 5 minutes, while a deeper treatment can last up to 20 minutes. 

How long before I see results?

How long is the downtime?

There will be some visible redness right after treatment, which should subside by the following day when makeup can be worn, but you will be able to immediately resume your normal activities.

Depending on the depth of treatment, healing time can last up to a week, but most clients see optimal results within 2-5 days.  

How many treatments will I need?

To maintain a youthful glow and prevent future skin damage, monthly treatments are recommended as a complement to your skincare routine. Your provider will work with you to find the best treatment regimen based on the results you are trying to achieve.

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Price List

Laser Resurfacing, Pore Reduction,  Sun Spots, and Acne Facial

  • full face

  • face & neck

  • Club Membership (12 months, 12 treatments)

$650/treatment | $1550/pack of 3

$850/treatment | $2000/pack of 3


LaseMD Facial Glo Special- Laser Resurfacing, Pore Reduction, Rejuvenation Serum and a Calming Mask

  • full face

  • face & neck



Sun Spots for Hands and Arms 

  • hands

  • arms

  • hands & arms

$150/treatment | $400/pack of 3

$199/treatment | $550/pack of 3

$249/treatment | $720/pack of 3

Melasma – Laser Resurfacing with TA serum to decrease the appearance of hormonal Melasma

  • full face

  • pack of 6 treatments



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