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Verj​ú Body Contouring

Body contouring has never been so easy. 


Verju uses green laser light to liquefy fat.  The fat cells shrink as the liquefied fat, known as triglycerides, seeps out of cells.  Liquified fat are then percussed into lymphatic vessels to facilitate absorption and transport into the circulatory system.  Dr. Comia further ensures adequate excretion of fat from the body by using a protein shake scientifically formulated to remove fat and soluble toxins out of the body thru the urine. 

The result is profound and immediate.   Lose up to 4 pounds in 40 minutes or an average of 5.6 inches from waistline circumference in just 6 treatments. Each treatment is about 1 hour long, no pain, no side effect, no downtime.  Simply lay down and we’ll do the rest!    

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Body Contouring?

There are several different body contouring options available today if you need a little extra help shaping a difficult area of your body. Some body contouring methods nonsurgically freeze away fat, while others nonsurgically heat fat so your body can eliminate it. Other, more invasive techniques include liposuction, tummy tucks, and thigh lifts.

Many of these procedures are painful and followed by a lengthy recovery period. This is why Dr. Comia offers a revolutionary, noninvasive laser technology that is clinically proven to reduce inches and remove body fat from stubborn areas. She uses the Verjú® Laser System, which is a safe, effective method for reshaping your body without incisions, sutures or downtime, just results.

How Does the Verjú Laser Work?

The Verjú Laser System targets areas of fat you would like to reduce and liquefies fat cells beneath the surface of your skin and can be used on your:

  • Abdomen

  • Waist

  • Inner and outer thighs

  • Hips

  • Buttocks

The laser energy causes fat cells to collapse so your body can eliminate them naturally through your lymphatic system. Your skin is unharmed, untouched, and there’s no downtime since nothing actually touches or compresses your skin in any way.

What Can I Expect During a Verjú Body Contouring Procedure?

You can expect to relax comfortably as the laser passes over your body and treats the targeted areas of fat. You lay under the laser lights without feeling any kind of heat or pressure as six low-level laser beams target the fat on the area you’re treating. Each treatment takes about 15 minutes and is completely painless, with no recovery time or limitation of activities afterward.

The Verjú laser treatment not only helps reduce fat, but it can also minimize the appearance of cellulite. You may notice results in as little as two weeks, but for optimal fat reduction, Dr. Comia typically recommends six laser treatments spaced approximately 72 hours apart.

How Safe is This Type of Body Contouring Method?

The Verjú laser is the only “green laser” that is completely safe and effective for noninvasive body contouring. There’s no risk of injury since nothing touches your skin, freezes, or heats up your body tissue.


As a result, there are no side effects either, just the visible reduction of stubborn areas of fat and loss of inches around the treated area.

Dr. Comia often recommends body contouring in combination with a medical weight-loss program.

Schedule a consultation with Dr. Comia online or call Advance Biomedical Treatment Center today to find out about your options for safe, healthy fat reduction.

Click here to see how Verjú laser treatment compares to other body contouring procedures.


Before & After

Price List

Body Contouring

  • 3 treatments per area

  • 6 treatments per area 

  • 9 treatments per area

  • 12 treatments per area

  • 3 additional treatments






Cellulite Treatment

  • Stage 1 (3 treatments)

  • Stage 2 (6 treatments)

  • Stage 3 (9 treatments)

  • Additional treatments





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