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Hair Revitalizing Treatment

KeraLase is a unique scalp revitalizing treatment that stimulates the hair follicles to grow more strands of hair, stronger, and thicker hair in just 3-4 treatments. Keralase uses the LaseMD Ultra laser technology to create microchannels that penetrate deep into the layer of the hair follicles allowing for efficient absorption of growth factor serum.  This newly patented formula combines a very specific set of 7 bio-identical growth factors for scalp revitalization, wrapped in a nanoliposome “shell” for increased absorption.  These growth factors are typically deficient in skin during times of hair loss or poor hair health. Replenishing these growth factors stimulates healthier hair growth.  Each treatment session will begin with a scalp treatment using the Lutronic LaseMD or Ultra, followed immediately by the application of the KeraFactor serum. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What results should I expect from KeraLase? 

While everyone is different, improvement in scalp health and an increase in the appearance of thicker, healthier hair may be visible within 3 months when patients follow the treatment protocol as prescribed. Most patients see even more improvement over the next 2-4 months. We cannot guarantee a response for ALL patients. 

Can KeraLase treatment be applied to other parts of the skin aside from the scalp?

Yes, it can be used for eyebrows, beard and mustache.

What happens when/if a patient stops using KeraFactor serum? 

Will it look natural? What about hair transplant patients? 

The KeraFactor formula provides nutrients to the hair follicles and improved scalp circulation for natural-looking, healthy hair. Transplanted hair follicles will benefit from absorption of growth factors and skin proteins in the same manner as existing hair follicles.

Who is a good candidate for KeraLase treatments? 

Concerns over hair loss have increased in recent years due to frequent use of “selfies” and social media apps. Men and women of all ages with thinning hair can benefit from KeraLase treatments. 

Who is not a good candidate for KeraLase treatments? 

To date, there have not been long-term studies. However, there is anecdotal evidence showing that results may be maintained for up to 18 months of stopping the use of KeraFactor products. Once patients finish the recommended treatment protocol, it is advised that they continue using the take-home shampoo to maintain the results. Your physician may recommend in-office “touch-up” treatments. 

How does KeraFactor differ from using PRP? 

PRP, or Platelet-Rich Plasma, is a painful, 45-minute procedure where blood is drawn from the patient, spun in a centrifuge to increase the patient’s platelets, then applied or injected into the scalp with inconsistent results. Only the growth factors available in the patient’s own blood will be released. If a patient is highly deficient in any of the growth factors needed for hair health, the PRP procedure may not be effective. Additionally, one of the common growth factors found in blood may block the transition of hair follicles into the new growth phase, actually inhibiting growth. In contrast, KeraFactor products include a proprietary formula with high concentrations of bio-identical growth factors and skin proteins customized for people with thinning hair. 

  • People who currently have or have been diagnosed with skin cancer should not use KeraFactor products without their physician’s approval. 

  • People with an active infection should not be treated with KeraFactor products. 

  • People who experience an allergic reaction to KeraFactor products should discontinue use immediately and be examined by a dermatologist.

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Price List

Hair and Scalp Revitalizing Treatment

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6 Months (total of 6 treatments)


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