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Out-Of-State & International Patients

Your Visit

All patients must be seen at least once a year to remain an active patient in our medical practice. The Consultation appointment may be done online via telehealth (, Skype, Zoom). It is preferred that the Initial Consultation appointment be a face-to-face appointment. If the patient cannot be physically present in the Initial Visit, a face-to-face visit must be arranged within a year.

Being from out-of-state or overseas, we understand the difficulties in arranging a trip to
Connecticut. We can certainly assist you if you have questions regarding hotel accommodations, transportation, etc. Go to to learn more about the beautiful state of Connecticut.


Our Center is a 20 minutes-drive from Bradley International Airport and 10 minute-drive from downtown Hartford. For hotel accommodations, we recommend staying in one of these towns -- Avon, Farmington, Hartford, Simsbury, West Hartford, Windsor. A car rental is highly suggested. An Uber and Lyft service is available.

Laboratory Tests

We recommend that you stay at least a whole week in CT in order to do lab tests and/or certain therapies (e.g., HBOT, IV therapy, Cold Laser Therapy) the patient will need.

Some of the lab tests the doctor may ask you to do are the following:
Basic Blood tests - Complete blood count (CBC), Comprehensive Metabolic Profile (sodium, potassium, chloride, BUN, creatinine, etc.)
Genova Diagnostic Lab:

  • Ion Profile

  • CDSA stool exam

Doctors Data:

  • Urinary Porphyrin

CYREX Lab test

There may be other tests that the doctor may order. Determination of these tests will not be till during the consultation.


To be scheduled an appointment, you must complete our fillable Patient Registration packet. Once we receive back your completed packet, we will contact you for the appointment. You will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader to complete the forms.

A non-refundable Scheduling Fee of $125.00 is required to book an appointment; it will be
applied towards your total consultation fee. Please submit the packet at least 7 days prior to a  scheduled appointment. Failure to submit at a timely basis will result in automatic cancellation of your appointment and forfeiture of the non-refundable Scheduling Fee. A new Scheduling Fee will then be required when rescheduling. If the whole Patient Registration packet has been submitted, you are all set.

A scheduled appointment is reserved for you exclusively. Our office prepares for each
appointment prior to your visit to ensure high standard of care and treatment. We expect that you will respect our policy regarding appointment cancellations and rescheduling.

For those with financial constraints, expenses can be minimized by being prepared and organized with your patient files. The treatment strategies that Dr. Comia utilizes are not only reproducible, but also proven to be successful in getting affected children and adults better.


The information provided above may seem overwhelming. Rest-assured, we are here to help so please call to alleviate any concerns you may have. We look forward to hearing from you.

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