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Verju Body Contouring
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What is

Verju Body Contouring?

Verju uses green laser light to liquefy fat.  The fat cells shrink as the liquefied fat, known as triglycerides, seeps out of cells.  Liquified fat are then percussed into lymphatic vessels to facilitate absorption and transport into the circulatory system.  Dr. Comia further ensures adequate excretion of fat from the body by using a protein shake scientifically formulated to remove fat and soluble toxins out of the body thru the urine. 

The result is profound and immediate.   Lose up to 4 pounds in 40 minutes or an average of 5.6 inches from waistline circumference in just 6 treatments. Each treatment is about 1 hour long, no pain, no side effect, no downtime.  Simply lay down and we’ll do the rest!    

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Lower Body

Why Verju?

  • It works fast, like magic!

  • It melts the most massive amounts of fat compared to other body contouring treatments

  • It tightens the skin as the fat and cellulite melt

  • Lose up to 4 pounds in 40 minutes

  • Lose an average of 4.6 inches in 6 treatments

  • No pain, no scars, no deformities, no downtime

  • Definitely better than coolsculpting!

What are sessions like?


Simply wear the goggles provided.


Lie on your stomach for another 20 minutes for body contouring (15 minutes for cellulite treatment).


Lie on your back for 20 minutes for body contouring (15 minutes for cellulite treatment).


Finish off with a 5 minute massage.

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