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Practice Policies

Internal Medicine

Coming to Your Appointment

Please come 15-30 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment. Remember to bring the following:

  • Government-issued Photo I.D. card

  • Insurance Card/s

  • Copay, if applicable

  • List of medications and all medication/supplement bottles

  • New Patient Forms

Scent-Free Environment

Please do NOT wear any perfumes, colognes, or any scent. Our office is SCENT-FREE to accommodate patients with multiple-chemical sensitivities and asthma.


Prior to requesting an appointment, please call your insurance company and confirm that Dr. Comia is a participating provider with your insurance plan. We participate with most major insurance companies:

  • Aetna

  • Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield


  • Connecticare

  • Medicare

  • Oxford

  • PCHS/Multiplan

  • Secure Horizons

  • United Healthcare

  • WellCare

*We do NOT participate with Medicaid or Husky insurance.

For Patients with High-Deductible Insurance Plan

Effective Oct 1 2019, any patient with an unmet deductible will be required to pay UPFRONT $80 before being seen.This will be applied towards your deductible.

Missed Appointments

To cancel an appointment, you must call at least 24 hours BEFORE your appointment. Fee for missed appointments:

  • $40 – for Office Visit/PreOp

  • $60 – for Complete Physical Exam

A phone-call and/or email reminder our office is a courtesy. Please do not expect the reminder. It is your responsibility to know when your appointment is scheduled.

Prescription Refill

To refill a prescription, please call your pharmacy. The pharmacy will send us the request for a refill thru e-prescribe or thru the fax. We submit prescriptions electronically.

Form Completion

You need to make an appointment for completion of forms. It is best to time it with a scheduled Complete Physical Exam or a Follow-Up appointment. There is an OUT-OF-POCKET Administrative Fee for completion of the forms:

  • $30 = Foster Care forms, Utility forms (e.g. light/power, gas, telephone, etc.), Employment forms (Daycare, etc.), Letters of Necessity (Flex spending accounts, Travel, etc.)

  • $75 = School Physical

  • $100 = DMV forms

  • $150 = FMLA, Nursing Home, Disability, Life Insurance forms)

For forms not listed above, a fee will be determined based on doctor’s time. Payment is due upon return of the forms.

For questions, please contact our office (860) 242-2200.

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