Mental Health Diet Restrictions

Integral in the treatment of mental health is the removal of gluten and dairy from the diet. These food groups are found to be undigested fully in our guts due to dysfunctional digestive enzymes. Toxins from our environment are known to destroy certain digestive enzymes. The result is maldigestion of gluten and dairy, which lead to production of gliadorphins and casomorphins. These, in turn, can cause opiate effects in the brain and mood instability. We also employ the use of methylated Vitamin B12 injections as this specific vitamin enables methylation and therefore activation of neurotransmitters. Zinc supplementation is also essential especially for management of mental health and depression. There are a number of other vitamins, supplements, and herbs that are used to further control the mood adequately. The goal of treating mental health through diet corrections and neurotransmitter manipulation is to minimize the use of psychoactive medications and to enable patients to function at their best!