Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

Healing the gut starts with a healthy diet. Advance Biomedical Treatment Center will recommend the appropriate therapeutic diet, which ranges from gluten-free dairy-free diet to raw food diet. We then replace the deficient beneficial bacteria by prescribing different kinds of probiotics and prebiotics. We look for offending agents by doing stool tests and treat them appropriately. Next, we prescribe multiple kinds of anti-fungals, prescription and homeopathic remedies. We also have a Biofilm Protocol that aims to destroy and dissolve the film of mucous/lipids where organisms can “hide”. Improving gut function also employs the need for digestive enzymes, vitamins and nutrients that all improve absorption and intestinal permeability. Many people have achlorhydria, a condition that means there is not enough acidity in the stomach. When this happens, our natural digestive enzymes may not work at its best resulting in chronic reflux and diarrhea symptoms. These are likely individuals who have taken over-the-counter and prescription acid reducers for prolonged periods of time. Accordingly, we give recommendations for increasing stomach acidity. Treating chronic IBS and gastrointestinal issues can range from a few days to a few months depending on severity.


This letter is to thank you for your help with my lifelong stomach and IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) problems. I am currently following the wheat/gluten and dairy-free diet along with your suggested supplements. For the first time in my life, I am SYMPTOM-FREE.

The symptoms I have lived with my whole life are gone: gas, bloating, stomach cramps, constipation, diarrhea, fatigue, headaches, acne and other skin rashes, depression, lower back pain, and heartburn. I am currently taking Nexium, but I am slowly working on getting if off.

I also noticed that my thought process and over-all attitude is so much better. I was always a person who was short-tempered and constantly felt like I had a foggy brain. Not only are all the above symptoms gone, but also I feel very happy. I QUITE FRANKLY FEEL LIKE A NEW PERSON.

For years, I went to many different doctors and no one was able to help me. Thank you so much for helping me. I feel very confident that under your care I will continue to improve my health. – V. Rutigliano, CT

A year ago, I met Dr. Comia. I had a history of gastrointestinal problems. I was overweight, suffered bouts of strep throat and bronchitis. After some blood tests, Dr. Comia indicated that I probably had a wheat (gluten) and dairy sensitivity. At home, my diabetic husband and I embarked on a difficult path that took many months to work out. Now, a year later, my husband and I lost about 30 lbs each. We have learned that food is nutrition, period. We have learned that we can, in fact, survive without the foods we used to love and crave. We each have found what works for us as individuals. Are we perfect? Of course not! We eat lots of fish and chicken, beef on very rare occasions, and MUCH smaller portions then we used to. And that’s really the biggest secret of all. I often shop at the health-food stores for some of my products but also turn to the Internet. I have found that it is better to not eat things than to suffer the bouts of diarrhea the next day! I found I could not stand soymilk, or any soy products. So I gave up on most dairy. We have no marguerine in the house, only butter and olive oil. We eat lots of fresh fruits and veggies. I finally feel better. I now have no back pain. The twice-a-month deep tissue massages, the vitamin D and glucosamine, the magnesium, calcium, and 14 other pills have helped me feel better. I think everything I am doing has finally clicked and come together to create a 66-yr old woman with incredible energy and stamina. I bless the day I met Dr. Comia! Although her diagnosis was upsetting at the time, I have learned that things could be much worse and this is something I can live with. Is it hard at times? You bet! But it’s a mind thing and an attitude adjustment, not the end of the world! – Sybil Nassua, Westbrook, CT

I am a 43 year old female who has suffered some form of gastrointestinal issues most of my life. As a teen in high school, I began with ulcers. I was given a prescription and eventually, many years later, my symptoms lessened. Things re-manifested themselves as Irritable Bowel Symptom (IBS) in my 20’s. This was a crippling manifestation as I tried to live a normal life with chronic, unpredictable diarrhea. Not only was this very embarrassing and anxiety provoking, it was also very painful with hours of spasms that brought on nausea and vomiting.

Through prescription medications, I was able to manage leaving the house…never without my anti-diarrheal or anti-spasmodic meds. Eating was an event to be feared and panic attacks became normal as I anticipated the horrible repercussions. I spent many years agoraphobic. I would only go to work and then only go home. I spent several years on antidepressants supervised by a psychiatrist as a last hope to a normal, functioning life. The anti-spasmodic and anti-diarrheal meds were recommended by a gastroenterologist as well as fiber therapy. My primary care physician was of the same school of thought…. Write the prescriptions and manage the symptoms. I kept asking questions and searching for answers. I believed that my system was too acidic. I asked how to find out if that was true. I was then given a prescription for acid reflux. The meds managed the symptoms but never answered the questions. After about 2 weeks on the acid reflux meds, I noticed that my IBS symptoms had lessened. I called the doctors office to tell of this finding, feeling that maybe there was help for other IBS sufferers. It was not remarkable to them. I mentioned it again when I went in for a follow up visit and was looked at as though I was ridiculous, only to be offered another prescription of some type. I don’t remember what it was. I was done listening. I was 43 years old and carrying a bag of prescription meds and still living afraid.

In November 2005 I went to my primary care doctor’s office because I thought I was having a heart attack. I wanted an EKG and was declined because my cholesterol was low as was my blood pressure at my last physical. I had a friend drive me to the emergency room where not only did they do an EKG but admitted me for 3 days and did a variety of tests. The acid reflux meds I had been taking were not strong enough and the pains in my chest and back were acid. The solution — increase my dose. I had to follow up with my primary care doctor after being discharged. . .and I did . . . only to hear the same thing — Let’s change prescriptions; Let’s increase this. I was DONE! That type of care felt care-less.

After getting out of the hospital, I spent the next two weeks looking for a new doctor. I needed a new way of thinking. I needed someone who would consider the cause and stop prescribing me “band-aides”, without ever knowing what was really going on. I met Dr. Comia almost a month after I was in the hospital. For me, this was a life changing experience. I went in trying to be open-minded. I gave a lifelong history of stomach problems and a list of prescriptions that I carried with me. Dr. Comia wrote it all down . . . and then she turned to me and said, “Your body is too acidic . . . let me guess, when you started taking acid reflux meds, your IBS stopped. I think I cried with relief. She got it. She understood. I was ready to start again. Dr. Comia pared down the foods I ate. I am now gluten-free, casein-free, and dairy/lactose-free. In 2 weeks, I had no IBS, no acid reflux, no gastrointestinal issues. I also had no prescriptions in my pocketbook; they are of no use to me anymore. I have no symptoms. Is it challenging to eat this way? At first, it is a little challenging. I had to spend a few long trips at Whole Foods and like grocery stores to familiarize myself with labels and brands I never looked at before. She had me take a few supplements that have helped my system straighten out and she told me where to find them.

Dr. Comia is an amazing doctor because she is willing to look outside of the box for answers to hard questions. This is an amazing eating plan because for 2 months now I have not taken one prescription nor have I needed to. THIS IS A MIRACLE TO ME. I eat out now all the time. I bring a little bag of tricks with me to the restaurant as needed…. a margarine I can have, a soy sauce that is wheat-free. I eat out without fear. I live without fear. I feel great. I AM IBS SYMPTOM-FREE! I have never felt so good in my entire life. After a lifetime of suffering, the dietary changes seem to be such a practical, simple solution. I want everyone that suffers to feel this relief. – Lorrie Ferland, Windsor, CT