Omega-3 Fatty Acids

– Therapeutic dose studied is at 2000 mg of EPA (not Total Omega-3)
– Effects:

  • Relieve pain (anti-inflammatory)
  • Stabilize mood (helps with anxiety, depression, mood swings)
  • Decreases risk for heart disease
  • Improves memory, focus, attention
  • Good for skin, hair, nails
  • Lowers triglycerides by 50%

– Found in:

  • Flax oil “Barleans” = has omega 3+6+9, improves constipation; take 1 -2 tbsp/day or 2-4 capsules OR
  • Cod liver oil “Nordic Naturals” -start at 2 capsules a day up to 8 a day or 1-3 tsp/day
  • Fish oil “Ultra Pure Fish Oil” – start at 2 capsules a day up to 8 a day or 1-3 tsp/day
  • Omega-3 “Nordic Naturals ProOmega” = start at 1 a day, increase to 6 capsules/day

Mag-Tab SR

– Relaxes muscles (skeletal and smooth muscles), so it is for muscle aches/muscle
spasms, restless legs; relieves headaches (including chronic migraines), helps you sleep through the night, helps with detoxification.
– Where to get: Pharmacy, Over-The-Counter; ask the pharmacist. BRAND NAME ONLY (do not get any other brand) – start with 1 tablet at bedtime, may increase to 3 tablets at bedtime and 3 tablets in a.m. = six-a-day


– Relieves nausea, gassiness, reflux, diarrhea/constipation, abdominal pain, and cramping. It makes the gut healthy, improves the immune system, and wards off common/recurrent infections (such as recurrent bladder infection, MRSA/VRE skin infections, C-diff colitis, etc), absolutely improves halitosis (bad breath) and dysgeusia (bad taste in mouth).
– Many choices: (Best taken before breakfast, altogether)

  • “PB 8” – good “beginner” probiotic- start w/ 1 capsule may take up to 6 capsules/day
  • “Megaflora” – 1-6 capsules a day
  • “Therbiotic Complete” – has 25 billion CFU /cap, 10 strains – 1 to 4 capsules/d,
    highly potent
  • “Therbiotic Detox” – has 50 billion CFU/cap, only 3 strains – 1 to 4 caps/d, may
    combine brands
  • “Antibiotic Support” – best taken during or after antibiotic use for whatever reason, has a little Saccharomyces boulardii (good fungus that fights bad fungus) plus Lactobacillus species


– Fights disease, gives cellular energy, relieves fatigue, improves immune system

  • Vitamin A – in Cod liver oil, or Thorne Vitamin A 15,000 to 25,000 iu/cap; in a.m.
  • Buffered Vitamin C or Ester C – start with 1000 mg/cap 1 in a.m., may increase to 5 a day when fighting an illness or when exposed to a disease (such as in an epidemic or during the flu season).
  • CoQ10 or UBIQUINOL -100 mg/cap; take one in a.m.; may increase to 300 mg /day

Other Vitamins & Supplements (optional)

Calcium w/ Vitamin D

– Does not relieve any symptom but calcium can help firm up stools. Vitamin D is low in about 95% of adults. Vitamin D is now considered a hormone, not just a vitamin. It is known to increase Calcium absorption in the gut, and therefore improve bone density (and osteoporosis), helps stabilize mood, etc. I, therefore, think that it is essential for adults to take Calcium (about 500 mg a day) and Vitamin D (about 200 iu/day) for maintenance especially if on the GFCF diet.


– Along with Vitamin A, C, E, CoQ-10, Biotin strengthens hair, nails, and skin. For this function, you will need to take about 10,000 mcg/day or 10 mg/day.

Melatonin Solution

– Helps to fall asleep, helps with detoxification, the precursor of neurotransmitter Taurine. For adults, start with 1 mg (1 dropper) up to 3 mg/at bedtime. For children, start with 3 drops, may increase to 1 dropper. Squirt under the tongue; it is effective in 15 minutes.

Enzyme Complete DPP-IV

– Has plant-derived digestive enzymes plus DPP-IV which is the enzyme that breaks down the opiate peptides gluten and casein. It, therefore, helps minimize the effects of infractions of gluten and dairy in the diet.


– Calming neurotransmitter relieves mood instability and anxiety, helps with detoxification, helps with sleep problems. Start with 500 mg/capsule, may increase to 2000 mg as needed.


– An inhibitory neurotransmitter, mood stabilizer, helps reduce ADHD, OCD, and tics. Start with 250 mg at bedtime; may increase to 500 mg.