Specialized Lab Tests


Chronic exposure to toxins affects us at the cellular level, a place that is generally uncharted or undetected by conventional methods. Blood testing by traditional laboratories check for serum (fluid of the blood) levels, not intracellular. Hence, customary methods of blood testing, even radiological procedures and tissue biopsies are repeatedly "within normal range" or "non-specific".  The search for answers and the truth can often lead to a blind road, filled with frustration and despair.

To help you understand "what is going on" in your body, we have picked out specialized laboratory tests from various specialty labs.  These are the tools we need to evaluate and assess the level of "dysfunction" you are suffering from:

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Genova Diagnostics


  • Neuroadrenal Essential (Code 9094) = Prepay $220 / ListPrice $297
  • Neuroscreen Expanded (Code 9123) = Prepay $250.00 / ListPrice $277
  • iSpot Lyme (Code 5200) = Prepay $340 / List Price $405
  • iSpot Lyme w/ Western Blot (Code 5201) = Prepay $438 / List Price $560

The lab kits are provided to our office for free; we pass it on to our patients for free. However, if we need to mail the kit/s, patients will be billed for shipping charges. The testing costs are paid directly to the labs.

​Please contact the specialized labs directly for an updated fee schedule.